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On ‘Best Practice’ and Struggles with Change Management

The notes below were prompted by a post on Companies are struggling with change management in the LinkedIn forum Business Improvement, Change Management & Performance.

Based on 30 or so client projects/programs with some of the world’s largest corporations and some of the not so large, I’ve come to a slightly different view.

There’s a lot of talk about culture change and its challenges. And yes, there are doubtless challenges around that, but I would suggest based on 15 years of analysis, research and testing, that many of those challenges are avoidable and are in fact generated by the approach most organisations take to business change programs.

(Business change itself being an interestingly nebulous and directionless phrase. Change for the better, change for the worse or even, change for change’s sake? [Here’s a ‘take’ on this subject])

My evidence and conclusion is that what is often promoted as project ‘Best Practice’ is frequently some form of project management process based on the waterfall model which because of its flawed structure and flawed assumptions, is actually at the root of business change problems; rather than the solution it purports to be.

I’m literally asserting here, that the linear structure of ‘waterfall’ process-based ‘Best Practice’ project management methods such as PRINCE2, will increase the difficulties in change management initiatives.

Has anyone else come to a similar, scurrilous conclusion?
For more information on how ‘Best Practice’ project management methods lead to business change and IT project failures, contact us.

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